Managing publisher/editor Lane Diamond discusses the usefulness of a writing coach, and how it just might lead to a contract with Evolved Publishing.

Have you asked yourself this question: “Do I need a writing coach?”

Here at Evolved Publishing, we believe first and foremost that the strength of what we do revolves entirely around our team, around the quality of the individuals with whom we work. When you work with quality people, you will naturally produce a quality product. It’s really that simple.

That has meant, at times, that we’ve (I’ve) taken on projects that require a little more work than we would typically accept here at EP, because I was simply certain that the author in question was exactly the kind of person we wanted to have on our EP team. Ruby Standing Deer, author of the great books Circles and Spirals, is one such writer, and is now one of our most critically-acclaimed and successful authors. Megan Morrison, author of And Then It Rained: Lessons for Life, also fell into that category. Even D.T. Conklin, co-owner of EP, author of Eulogy, and the person I trusted to edit my own Forgive Me, Alex, started out that way – with me as coach. I’m working with another author now, who will remain unnamed to protect her privacy (unless she cares to comment here), and whom I hope will be, when the process is done, another great addition to the EP team.

Butterfly - Mark TwainAnd all of this leads to the real point of this post: if you’re an aspiring author, or perhaps a self-published author who wants to get on with Evolved Publishing, but you’re not sure your work will pass muster (perhaps we’ve already rejected one of your submissions), all hope is not lost. A writing coach might be just what you need to raise your writing to the next level, and to get you over the hump. Indeed, I’m currently hoping to add one such client to my coaching list. Why? Because we want great people on board here at EP, and because nothing is more rewarding for me than helping an author get to that stage.

Must you be coached by me to get your work approved by EP in the end? No, of course not. There are other coaches out there; just do your homework and choose wisely. Will you have a leg up if you’re coached by me? Well… naturally. Let’s face it: I’m the primary decision-maker here at EP (with the help of a great editorial staff), and so, as I coach you, I’ll be helping you to raise your work to a level we’ll want here at EP.

Indeed, I’d only be interested in coaching you if you want to be an EP author. That’s my primary interest.

I realize this might sound like a bit of a sales pitch, but it’s really about an opportunity to bring on a new author, once the process is done, who will make Evolved Publishing that much better for our valued readers, and for the rest of our team. It’s been my experience that authors appreciate those who help them succeed, and that kind of loyalty is something that cannot be bought; it must be earned. I recognize that every author needs to start somewhere, and that the process is one that can be grueling, confusing, frustrating, and defeating. Yet many of us get to a point where, if we just have the right guidance, the success we desire can be within reach. I love mentoring more than anything else I do, with the possible exception of writing my own work, so this is as pure a win-win as it gets.

If you think you might be the person we’re looking for, stop over at my personal website HERE. At the bottom of that page is my email address so you can contact me to discuss it. I have room in my schedule for only one such client, so to some extent, this will be a first-come, first-serve opportunity. However, I must determine that: 1) I can help you get where you want to be, meaning you and I are a good fit, and; 2) you’re the right author for EP.

If you don’t wish to be published by EP in the end, this would not be the opportunity for you or the prospect for me. If you are, then please head to my website, and I look forward to hearing from you.