The Problem with First-Person Narratives – Too Darned Many I-Bombs!
(A post by Lane Diamond)

Once upon a time in the literary world, third-person narratives were the norm. Indeed, many agents and traditional publishers still tend to shy away from first-person narratives. Despite that, many of you authors are now creating works in which your default approach is a first-person narrative voice.

This is really something of a double-edged sword. If you do it well, a first-person narrative creates a sense of intimacy for the reader that’s difficult to duplicate in a third-person narrative. Yet it’s not such a simple thing. One major – and I mean HUGE – problem recurs in almost every first-person narrative I see. Indeed, it’s the reason so many agents and publishers have thrown their hands up and said, “Enough! No first-person narratives, please!”

What’s the problem? See the article I wrote almost a year ago about this, linked below.

The Problem with First-Person Narratives – Beware the I-Bombs!