Michael Ringering

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Michael Ringering was born in Alton, IL, and raised in nearby East Alton. When he was in the third grade at East Alton Elementary School, Michael selected Miriam E. Mason’s Broomtail for a class-assigned book report, and from that moment on, set his sights on wanting to write short stories and other works of fiction. He graduated from East Alton-Wood River High School in 1984, and in 1989 earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Murray State University. Following a 14-year career working in media relations and communications in Major League Baseball, he entered the healthcare industry as a specialty practice administrator. He resides in Southern Illinois with a menagerie of animals.

Author Photo Credit: Juliana Barnerd




Watch for the release of the novel John’s Donuts to come in 2023.

More details coming soon…

Leslie Howard

23 March 2021: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.


Leslie Howard is an established audiobook narrator with over 100 titles. With a background in yoga and spirituality she authentically brings through authors’ messages. A creative and expressive homebirth mother of 6, she brings life and emotion to characters. She lives with her environmentalist herbalist husband of 25 years on a small vegetarian sanctuary with alpacas, pigs, parrots, and more. She is a sag-aftra member who works with major publishers and indie authors, bringing their books to sound waves across the world.

Audiobooks Narrated by Leslie Howard:

The Augur’s View
Victoria Lehrer

The Triskelion
Victoria Lehrer

J.S. Sherwood

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Author J.S. Sherwood has a passion for stories that show the existence of peace and beauty even in the darkest of times. He spent many years teaching English at the junior high, high school, and college levels, and now brings that love of great writing to bear in his own books.

When he isn’t reading or writing, he’s spending time with his wife, five kids, and two dogs in Arizona. Most likely they’re outside, soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.




Watch for the 9-book “This Foreign Universe” series of science fiction adventures to continue releasing, 2-3 books per year, until the conclusion sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

  • Arc 1: The Battles They Fought – Book 1: Foreign Land
  • Arc 1: The Battles They Fought – Book 2: Foreign Planet
  • Arc 1: The Battles They Fought – Book 3: Foreign Home
  • Arc 2: The Earth They Left Behind – Book 4: Almost Pathless
  • Arc 2: The Earth They Left Behind – Book 5: Almost Homeless
  • Arc 2: The Earth They Left Behind – Book 6: Almost Earthless
  • Arc 3: The Seeds They Planted – Book 7: The Engineer
  • Arc 3: The Seeds They Planted – Book 7: The Explorer
  • Arc 3: The Seeds They Planted – Book 9: The Sage


Book 5: Almost Homeless (Release Date: Spring 2023)

Five years before all plant life on Earth was destroyed, Dr. Dradin Walcott worked to provide himself glory and immortality—at the expense of all helping him—yet he unwittingly brought about tragedy after tragedy, impacting the future of every living creature on Earth.

Back in Cowley, Tashon and the Gaines family fight to survive an entirely new Earth. The orbs that dropped from the second wave of planes set Earth’s plant life back to growing, but not as it used to be. They must now fight for survival in foreign, jungle-like Wyoming as roaming barbarians become more common, and as the Fakes start playing a larger role in their survival.

C.J. Sears

MARCH 1, 2021: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.

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An avid reader and writer since middle school, C.J. Sears is the author of the “This Fallen World” horror/thriller series. In 2013, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Arkansas Tech University. After languishing a few years at a mundane job, C. J. set out to pursue his passion. Inspired by Twin Peaks and Resident Evil, he began working on what would eventually become The Shadow Over Lone Oak – the first of several books chronicling the adventures of eccentric Special Agent Llewyn Finch.

In the fall of 2016, C.J. gave his life to Christ. That faith now informs his storytelling and ongoing blog. He believes that fiction is a uniquely valuable medium for delivering both entertainment and essential truths. His emphasis is on the power of the parable rather than preachiness, and he affirms that no message should get in the way of a good story.

C.J.’s range of interests and hobbies include gaming, occasional poetry, swimming, and amateur photography. He mostly spends time with his family and loved ones, particularly his two rambunctious cats and silly goof dog. The quiet life suits him fine, but when a new vision of monsters and mystery beckons, he’s no stranger to answering the call.




Watch for Book 2 in the “This Fallen World” series of suspense/horror thrillers, The Smiling Man Conspiracy, to release in September 2022.

In a world of deception, making the wrong decisions brings dire consequences.

Agent Llewyn Finch reunites with his former partner, Kasey Alexander, to embark on a mission to uncover the truth behind a series of abductions. There’s a hitch, though: Llewyn hasn’t recovered from his last case, and can’t shake the fact that where he goes, death follows.

Someone’s playing a mad game with the lives of innocents, and evidence points to a shadow organization within the government. As Llewyn and Kasey untangle the knots of a grand scheme, they aren’t sure who to trust.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the second installment in the “This Fallen World” series of dark, creepy, horror thrillers. Better turn on all the lights! [DRM-Free]  
Watch for Book 3 in the “This Fallen World” series of suspense/horror thrillers, The Sons of Darkness, to release in October 2022.

Agent Llewyn Finch journeys to a remote island, where a great and terrifying secret lies in the heart of the jungle… for those intrepid men of vision uncompromising enough to find it.

Llewyn investigates former black-ops specialist Elias Cobb, a charismatic man known for his dabbling in the arcane arts. Under Cobb’s tutelage, a paramilitary organization called the Sons of Darkness strives to create a new paradise on Earth, one obedient to his unified vision. Cobb seeks the mythical fruit of the Wellspring Tree, a medicinal wonder capable not only of curing any disease, but of enhancing various bodily functions to superhuman levels.

Llewyn races to find the fruit of the Wellspring Tree before Cobb and his minions do, but troubled waters guard the hallowed ground of the Whispering Isle.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the third installment in the “This Fallen World” series of dark, creepy, horror thrillers. Better turn on all the lights! [DRM-Free]

Bárbara de Oliveira

The youngest of four children, music, drawings, cartoons, paintings, games, and books were introduced to me through my brothers. As eclectic as they could be since my brothers had a very different taste and personality, it turned out to be a great experience, from such a young age, to travel between the worlds they liked the most and finally find the ones I did. Because of that, I can not remember a time in my life in which reading wasn’t a huge part of it.
Some of those magical, fictional worlds weren’t available to me in Portuguese, which sparked the interest in other languages, especially English. And although my passion for learning English came mainly from games, music, and books, the desire to experience other cultures outside of the screens and pages had grown.

I’ve been traveling around the world for a few years now, and although the experiences I am living are terrific, the ones coming from stories have never lost their value to me. They’ve turned out to be even more precious, as they are for so many other people. So here I am today, working with books, which I am completely passionate about, hoping to be able to allow fantastic stories to be read also in Portuguese.

Books Translated by Bárbara de Oliveira:

Covil Do Diabo
por Jeff Altabef