Rebecca Ehrenpreis

21 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.

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Rebecca began her journey as a desk assistant at WCBS Newsradio 88 in New York. From there, she was discovered and served as the voice for Lifefone and other ads that ran during the CBS news breaks. Afterward, she moved to London and worked as a voiceover actress for many television and radio spots, documentaries, infomercials, promos, and more.

Now, Rebecca is a full-time vibrant and versatile Audiobook Narrator. With her distinctive voice and multitude of character voices, she brings stories to life. She has a professional home studio and produces high quality audiobooks.

Rebecca is very happy about joining the Evolved Publishing team and looks forward to producing and narrating great audiobooks!

Audiobooks Narrated and Produced by Rebecca Ehrenpreis:

The Cold Room
Jason Lavelle

The Dark of Night
Jason LaVelle

Whispers in the Shadows
Jason LaVelle

Montse Martí L.

20 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest foreign translator (Spanish, Catalan).


Montse Martí L. (1995 – present) was born in Tarragona (Spain). Since the first Harry Potter book fell into her hands, she showed a devoted passion for books and writing. Also in love with animals and nature, she wanted to be a vet. She did a few turns in her life that led her to study Anatomy Pathology, Secretary Assistant, and Vet Assistant. She is currently dedicating herself full-time to writing and translating. Her main, and most recent, translations are: Tytiana, The Dragon Librarian, and D. Robert Pease’s Shadow Swarm [Evolved Publishing].

Books Translated by Montse Martí L.:

El Enjambre de las
Sombras (Español)
de D. Robert Pease

Gryphon Corpus

18 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.

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Charming, playful, self-confident… an injection of wicked smart for your book.

Gryphon has loved reading aloud to people since she first learned to interpret the little black marks on the page. Originally from Austria, she’s fluent in German and able to pronounce a number of languages without accent. A varied and colourful background lets her connect to a wide range of topics: she’s been a molecular biologist and a farmer on a commune, a dancer, a teacher, a knitwear designer and yarn dyer, and a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. When she’s not narrating, Gryphon is studying classical Chinese acupuncture in graduate school and homeschooling her pre-teen daughter, Sappho.

Audiobooks Narrated and Produced by Gryphon Corpus:

The Kraken of
Cape Madre
by J.P. Barnett

Leaving the Beach
Mary Rowen

Living by Ear
Mary Rowen

The Witch of
Gray’s Point
by J.P. Barnett

Jon Noto

15 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.

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Jon Noto has been acting on the stage, the screen, and in front of the microphone since grade school. In the world of voice overs, he’s known for his deep commanding voice with that touch of innocence authors love for their characters. From historical fiction to Sci-Fi and romance, Jon Noto has got the voice to bring your story to life.

Audiobooks Narrated and Produced by Jon Noto:

Along the Watchtower
David Litwack

Red Clay, Yellow Grass
Richard Barager

The Time That’s Given
David Litwack

Michael J. Mason Ph.D.

MARCH 17, 2020: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.
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Challenged from Birth
Dr. Michael Mason was born in 1950 and raised in New York City. While he enjoyed the privilege of being raised by affluent parents, Dr. Mason was born with cerebral palsy during a time in which awareness for the needs of the differently abled was virtually non-existent.

Rising against the Obstacles
Despite the hardships he faced, Dr. Mason molded himself into an extraordinary student, obtaining two masters degrees from Columbia University and a PhD from New York University. Dr. Mason went on to become a successful psychologist, devoting his career to improving the lives of both the disabled and the able-bodied alike. His story will inspire and give hope to all who read it.



Nothing Found



Watch for the 3-part “Peter Mason” series of narrative memoirs to publish in 2021 and 2022.

Details coming soon….