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3D-CarryMeAwayThe Book of the Day today at eReader News Today is Carry Me Away, by Robb Grindstaff. We’re particularly pleased about this because we think this is an extraordinary book that too few people have yet discovered.

A reviewer at Amazon, “Marked by Books,” said it as well as we ever could:
“Best Book of the Year”
This review had to be shortened to fit within Amazon’s maximum word count. For the full review and more, please visit

This is a story about how to not just live life, but to love it. And as cheesy as that sounds, it still works. Carrie’s life was taken from her before she even had the chance to begin living it, and when she woke up, completing that stolen life with the little time she had left was her only goal. She rushed to hit those major mile markers: finishing college, falling in love, and returning back to visit her grandmother in Japan. Her life became consumed by those goals, yet as she hit each one, she never got any closer to feeling alive again.

So she kept on like that, refusing to die yet still never learning how to live. With everything she did, she was still consumed with the knowledge that her death was coming for her soon. And that was all she defined herself by.

But then she made it another week. Then a month, then a year, and it kept on going until her death sentence finally lifted. Since she was twelve years old, all she had been trying to do was make it to the finish line. And for all those years, that was all she was able to see. When you’ve been told your entire life that you’re going to die, what are you supposed to do when you finally realize that you don’t know how to live?

I love this book. I thought that I loved Grindstaff’s first novel, Hannah’s Voice, but I REALLY love Carry Me Away. Neither of his books are anything like what I typically read, yet they blow me away each and every time. Grindstaff’s ability to capture the minds of his characters when they’re young girls still remains unparalleled, and what I once thought was a one-time gift actually turns out to be a slightly concerning affinity for unlocking the minds of the world’s most disturbed creatures. I should know. I used to be one.

In all honesty, though, there’s nothing else out there quite like what Grindstaff is able to deliver here. These coming of age stories after a great personal tragedy are pitched all of the time, but they have always seemed to fall flat for me. Not once did I think that here. And if Grindstaff can get me, a girl who usually only reads books packed to the brim with action and comedy, to actually want to read a story this deep not once but twice, then that should tell you more than anything else that this book is really something special. — Taylor

Well, thank you, Taylor. Other reviewers have said something similar, indicating that as much as they loved Hannah’s Voice and wouldn’t have thought it possible, they loved Carry Me Away just as much – possibly even more. Wow. Really… wow.

We’re proud of all the books we publish here at EP, and Robb’s books are certainly among our most critically acclaimed. We’re thrilled to offer this great book for just $0.99 for the next few days. While you’re out there grabbing your copy of Carry Me Away, why not grab Hannah’s Voice at the same time?

Thank you, and please leave your own review wherever you bought the book, and at the product page right here at our website. Enjoy!

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