Evolved Publishing is Now Offering Audio Books

It’s official: we released our first audio book on December 23, 2013.

This is something Evolved Publishing has been working towards for some time. At first, we thought we’d have our own in-house production team, but that proved to be not the most effective or practical approach, at least at this time. And so, we went to the pros at ACX, and we’re pleased to announce that Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble by D. Robert Pease, a middle grade science fiction adventure that has won multiple awards, is now available at Audible.com (Producer/Narrator: David Radtke).

To find our audio books, you can either click on the “Audio Book” category on the right side of most pages on our website, or at any given product page, you can click on the “Audio” tab just below the book cover. (You’ll see what I mean if you click on the Noah Zarc title link above.) Under that tab, you’ll find the retail links where you can purchase the audio book.

Our second audio book, the multiple award-winning Wanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott, should release within a few days. Then, Circles by Ruby Standing Deer will release in January. After that, Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond, and White Chalk by Pavarti K. Tyler, are next up on the agenda. And after that? Well, we’ll picking through our catalog and offering the books to producers throughout 2014. Exciting stuff!

So please stay tuned for future announcements about our audio book catalog, and please enjoy!

Evolved Publishing Will Be Closed to Author Submissions Jan. 1 – Mar. 15, 2014

As we come off a big 12-book dual launch that required an enormous team effort, and as we prepare to take a little down time to enjoy the holidays, we’ll need to take a step back, catch our breath, and catch up on pending business.

We’ll be closing to author submissions from January 1 – March 15, 2014.

This will give us the time we desperately need to work through our existing queue of submissions, some of which have been patiently waiting for a few weeks. It will also give us time to lay out our business and marketing plans for the coming year, always a critical consideration.

So if you, dear author, have a manuscript that’s just about ready for submission, please get it to us by December 31st. Any submissions received between January 1 and March 15 will be immediately auto-rejected.

If, on the other hand, your manuscript is not quite ready, then this gives you a bit of a breather to polish it to a fine sheen. We hope you’ll take full advantage of that opportunity.

We’re looking forward to some pretty good things throughout the rest of 2014 and into 2015. What will we be anxious for when the time comes? Great work. Okay, so that’s rather wide open, but really, great work in any genre is always high on our list. Having said that, there are a few genres we’re particularly anxious to expand: Thriller/Suspense, Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Literary Fiction.

So sharpen your pencils… err… keyboards… err… well, you know. We’ll be geared up and ready for you on March 16th.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Change Notice for Book Retailers – Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond

New ISBNs have been issued for Forgive Me, Alex, by Lane Diamond

Recently, we issued a new book cover for this psychological thriller. We took advantage of that opportunity to redesign and improve the interior layout for the print versions of Forgive Me, Alex as well – both hardcover and paperback. Thus, we have re-released the print versions under new ISBN numbers.

NEW ISBN NUMBERS (Available through Ingram or Baker & Taylor):
Hardcover, 240 pages, 6.14 x 9.21: 978-1-62253-904-8 / 1622539044
Paperback, 240 pages, 6.14 x 9.21: 978-1-62253-905-5 / 1622539052

Hardcover, 242 pages, 6.14 x 9.21: 978-1-62253-902-4 / 1622539028
Paperback, 242 pages, 6.14 x 9.21: 978-1-62253-903-1 / 1622539036

Please place your future orders accordingly. Thank you.

At Evolved Publishing, Quality Matters!

That statement – “Quality matters!” – is not just a slogan; it’s our ironclad commitment to readers.

One of the most surefire ways for readers to know that a book is a high-quality, professional product, is to examine the awards its won. Of course, awards are difficult to come by due to the broad and fierce competition, so that’s certainly not the only measure of quality. Another would be the average review rating at a retail site such as Amazon. And of course, the final judge of quality is the most important: you! You can sample all of our books at retail sites such as Amazon (via their Look Inside feature), Smashwords and BookieJar, at both of which we allow for a certain percentage of the book to be previewed.

We count on the fact that, after reading the first few pages, you’ll be convinced of a book’s quality and want to read more. We then count on the fact that you’ll love it so much, you’ll post a review where you purchased it, indicating as much.

We apply rather strict editorial guidelines to all our books, perhaps tougher than most. You could say we’re a bit old-fashioned in that regard. Yes, every book must have an interesting and cohesive plot, compelling characters, a setting sufficient to support the story, and a satisfying ending. More than that, however, we at Evolved Publishing believe in the power of words to move people. Our editors, working with the authors, attempt to provide prose that not only supports the essential story in a clean, professional manner, but that makes the reading experience more visual, more powerful, more emotionally satisfying.

Has it worked for us so far? You be the judge


(Award details and links available by clicking on the cover image.)

Circles_v2_300dpi_200x300 UP Authors Award 2013_300dpi_2x3 ibdbadge

Courtney_Saves_Christmas_300dpi_200x286 indie-excellence-finalist-300x140

Desert_Rice_300dpi_200x300 readers-favorite-finalist-shiny-web 5 Star Rating LASR_450x675

Farsighted_300dpi_200x300 writer's-digest Eric-Hoffer-Finalist-Banner Royal_DBA_GrandPrize WritersType-Sept-2011

Farsighted_300dpi_200x300 ARbcwinner Readers-Favorite-5-Star UP-Authors-Winner CONTEST BADGE SEMI FINALIST

Forbidden_Mind_v2_300dpi_200x300 FM_ForwardNationalLiteratureAward2ndPlace


Her_Twisted_Pleasures_v2_300dpi_200x300 HTPAward

Honey_the_Hero_300dpi_200x300 Eric-Hoffer-Finalist-Banner-EPweb

Hot_Sinatra_v2_300dpi_200x300 ibdbadge UP Approved

Lexie_World_300dpi_200x300 Global_eBook_Awards_Finalist-150x150

NZ_Mammoth_Trouble_v2_300dpi_200x300 NZMT_CharacterBuildingCounts_Silver NZMT_ReadersFavoriteGold NZMT_UpAuthorsAwardWinner

The_Devil_Made_Me_Do_It_300dpi_200x300 UP Approved

The_Silver_Sphere_v2_300dpi_200x300 MCA_Gold_Label Wise Bear Award Winner 2013 ibdbadge

Tommy_Goes_ToT_300dpi_200x286 Eric-Hoffer-Finalist-Banner-EPweb

Torn_Together_v2_300dpi_200x300 ibdbadge-300x300

WantedDeadOrUndead_v5_300dpi_200x300 CONTEST BADGE 2012 WINNER USABookNewsgoldFINALISTlogo ibdbadge

And there you have it – most of the awards we’ve won thus far. There are a few others for which we don’t have images/badges, but you get a clear idea here of our commitment to quality. If you’re interested in sampling any of them, just click on the cover image in the left-hand column to go to the product page, and then click on the “Other Retailers” tab for the links to sites where you can purchase the book. Thank you, and please enjoy these great books.

Author C.L. Roberts-Huth Joins the Evolved Publishing Team

Author of the upcoming Paranormal Thrillers, Whispers of the Dead and Whispers of the Serpent, joins the EP Team.

We are most pleased to welcome our newest author, C.L. Roberts-Huth. She brings to us a great novel in Whispers of the Dead, which we’ll be releasing on December 2, 2013 (Cyber-Monday), and its follow-up Whispers of the Serpent, due to release in July 2014.

If you’re a fan of our other thriller author, Lane Diamond, or our paranormal adventure author, Emlyn Chand, you’re sure to love C.L. Roberts-Huth’s work as well.

We hope you share in our excitement, and that you’ll join us in welcoming this talented author to our team.

Welcome aboard, C.L.!