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Author Emlyn Chand Discusses Her Writing Process

Author Emlyn Chand Gets Honest… and Has Fun

Well, Emlyn is not only the author of two different award-winning series, Farsighted for the Young Adult audience, and the Bird Brain Books for the younger kids, she’s also the author of the stand-alone New Adult/Women’s Fiction book, Torn Together.

And… oh yeah… she’s also our Marketing Director. So we’re just a little distressed that she’s setting a… um…. bad example!

But really, it’s all in good fun. She lays out her writing process in a part serious, part tongue-in-cheek exploration of how she creates all those award-winning books.

Stop be her blog HERE to see what we mean, and enjoy!

Author Emlyn Chand is a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Awards 2013 — Twice!

The Bird Brain Books by Emlyn Chand are garnering some much-deserved attention.

We’re so pleased to announce that two of the books from the Bird Brain Books series are finalists in the Eric Hoffer Awards for their category. This is particularly significant because, as the Eric Hoffer Awards web page notes, “There are typically 1-6 books per category chosen as a finalist.”

And Emlyn Chand has two in her category!

Of course, Emlyn hasn’t done it all by herself. She’s had the help of two talented artists in bringing these stories to life. In the case of Honey the Hero, the first book in the series, artist Sarah Shaw created a series of heartwarming images to support Honey’s story. In the case of Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating, the fourth book in the series, artist Noelle Giffin gave the series a whole new look and feel – leaning more toward an anime style.

And both visions, combined with the fun storytelling and important kids’ lessons by Emlyn Chand, have been recognized and made finalists by the good folks at the Eric Hoffer Awards!

Of course, competition is fierce, and the eventual winner may be something other than one of these books. That’s okay, because they’ve already made their way through a huge field of participants, and now reside in select company.

Parents, we hope you and your little ones enjoy these books as much as we have, and as much as the Hoffer judges have. And congratulations to the Evolved Publishing teams responsible for bringing these two great books to readers!

UPAUTHORS.COM Recognizes “The Devil Made Me Do It” by Amelia James

We’re always pleased when others find our books worthy of recognition with an award. We’d been blessed to have a few award winners in our early catalog, and the latest to step into that light is The Devil Made Me Do It by Amelia James.

UP Authors Award 2013_300dpi_2x3

The Devil Made Me Do It is a collection of couples’ erotica, featuring 18 different stories, and it has been recognized by UPAUTHORS.COM, which awarded it the BEST CHAPTER winner in the Erotic/Romance category.

Congratulations, Amelia James!

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