Down to Dirt
Down Two Paths
Dream Warriors
Eloah (Special Omnibus Paperback)

Emlyn and the Gremlin

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Emlyn and the Gremlin
Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Barbeque Disaster
Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Mean Old Cat
Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Seaside Mishap
Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Teenage Sitter
Enfold Me
Evolution: Vol. 1 (A Short Story Collection)
Evolution: Vol. 2 (A Short Story Collection)
Flirtation on the Hudson
Fly by Night
Foreign Land
Forgive Me, Alex
Fracture Point
Fresh News Straight from Heaven

Girl Enlightened

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Girl Enlightened
Godsknife: Revolt
Halloween from the Other Side
Hannah’s Voice
Hear No More
Heir of Thunder
Hidden Colours

Hot Sinatra

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Hot Sinatra
Imperium Heirs
Inlet Boys
In The Company of the Dead
Intrigue at Sandy Point
Invisible by Day
It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
Judith’s Blood
Judith’s Fall
Judith’s Prophecy
Kingdom in Chains