Their Twisted Love
$3.99 eBookAudiobook: $19.95 (May Be Adjusted By Retailers)
Series: The Twisted Mosaic, Book 2
Genres: 3.99 eBooks, Erotica
Tags: Audiobook, eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Format: eBook, Audiobook
Length: 52,800 Words
Narrator: Johanna Fairview
ISBN: 9781622538058

Alex has everything he wants. He loves the power that comes with his job, and fooling around with his boss provides the illicit kink he needs. He’s in charge and trusts no one.

Will should’ve learned something from his disastrous past, but he’s distanced himself from everyone who loved him, keeping the pain in protective custody. He has no use for entanglements.

Talia has a new man, safe and secure—and boring as hell. She won’t sleep with him until she knows she wants only him. But she can’t forget, or forgive, the men who indulged her wildest fantasies and violated her trust.

They’re happy apart… until Alex’s case forces them back together, and Talia discovers she still craves both her former lovers. Can only one love her enough to satisfy her twisted desires and provide the stability she needs?

Sometimes, the wrong reasons are the only reasons.

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The complete unabridged audiobook is now available (just click on an icon below):

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Amelia James – Author
Stevie Mikayne – Editor
Mallory Rock – Cover Artist
Johanna Fairview – Audio Book Producer/Narrator

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