The Vow of the Four Kings
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Series: Amüli Chronicles: Soulbound, Book 4.0
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Coming Soon, eBook, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: Coming Soon
A bounty hunter named Syncrel makes her way north, following leads on Ildren, a dangerous amüli Soulshifter. Ildren is determined to rip amüli souls from human hosts on Earth in a mad drive to fulfill the wishes of four long-dead amüli kings.
About the Book


This stand-alone addition to the Amüli Chronicles series of epic fantasies is coming in 2018.

Ideal for readers 16 and older.

Syncrel the Night Heron is one of the best bounty hunters in the Amüli Republic, and she’s been hired by Lord Rybredel to track down a dangerous amüli Soulshifter named Ildren Bryngre, who is stealing the souls of others. Soulshifters can not only rip an amüli soul from its human host on Earth, but they also wield illegal magic.

To capture her bounty, Syncrel teams up with Eblyn, a local from the Republic’s northernmost city and her only lead. Though she has little trust for him, she follows him into the desolate, frozen wasteland of the Maervydoi Mountains. Not only is she travelling with a stranger while searching for a vicious felon, she’s traversing the most perilous and isolated part of the amüli world—the frozen Soulless Realm.

In the wasteland, Syncrel and Eblyn encounter a crumbling set of ruins, and among them stand four tall pillars Eblyn calls the Four Kings. Before long Syncrel discovers Ildren and the other Soulshifters are tied to this place. The long-dead Four Kings still rule this part of the world, and the Soulshifters are hell-bent on giving the deceased kings what they want: an end to the link binding amüli souls to human hosts.

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The Team

Kira A. McFadden – Author
Philip A. Lee – Editor
Mallory Rock – Cover Artist & Interior Designer