Fright Train

Charlie boards a train on a cold winter evening, but his shivering doesn’t stop. Soon after he boards, Charlie realizes just how right he was to be wary of this strange train.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book [Fright Train] at first but it really brought me back to my childhood. I remember reading RL Stine as a kid and loving the creepy feeling I would get from his books. It was my first taste of paranormal stories and now as an adult I love them. I thought that the characters were well written, the story line was fantastic, and it moved at an appropriate pace for this type of book.” ~ Angela Eggett

“As an adult, reading children’s book is sometimes hard to do because our way of thinking is so different. I was a bit skeptical when I started this because it was a children’s book and I didn’t believe I would enjoy it as much as I did. Fright Train easily fit in the world of Goosebumps by R.L. Stine, which I read as a child. It was spooky enough but not overly scary for children. I could easily see this made into a Halloween special and I would watch year after year. Pick this up for the young reader in your life or even for yourself.” ~ Malinda M.

Charlie’s parents drop him off at the train station so he can visit his grandma in Weirdville. It’s a cold winter evening, so when his usual train is cancelled at the last second, Charlie wishes he’d stayed home.

An hour later, shivering from the cold, he climbs onboard the next train to Weirdville, even though he’d rather not. It looks like something straight out of the nineteenth century, as if it used a time machine to arrive at the station.

Something is seriously wrong with all the people onboard. If only he could figure out what was going on. If only he could get off the train.

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About the Book

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This chapter book, the third in the Weirdville series, is ideal for kids as young as 6 or 7, and as old as 11 or 12, depending on reading level and parental involvement.


The complete unabridged audiobook is now available (just click on an icon below).

(You can sample the audiobook here, via link right under the cover.)
(You can sample the audiobook here, via link right under the cover.)


Majanka Versttraete — Author
Lane Diamond — Editor
Noelle Giffin — Cover Artist
Miriam K. Blum — Audio Book Producer/Narrator

Series: Weirdville, Book 3
Genres: 2.99 eBooks, Lower Grade Chapter Book
Tags: Audiobook, eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Format: eBook, Audiobook
Length: 9,032 Words
Narrator: Miriam K. Blum
ISBN: 9781622530687
List Price: $2.99 eBook
Audiobook Price: $3.95 (May Be Discounted by Retailers)
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