Eloah: No Religion

A spectacular global holograph captures the world’s attention, as supernatural beings engage in conclusive battle. The fate of Earth and all its parallel universes lies in the balance.

Publisher’s Note: Be sure to check out the Eloah: Boxed Set Special Edition, which features all 3 books in this series plus a short story sequel.

  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Summer 2019 - Best Thriller

From Review by Reading Glass Reviews: “Bottom line: The writing is excellent, the execution is excellent, the plotting is paced well and the characters are believable and relatable. Kudos to the author for producing a work of fiction that's, at once, intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun to read.”

Eloah delivers the truth of our evolution in a fantastic display of technological power, and the evil beings plan their attack on Eloah and his followers.

While the people of the world are drawn to the spectacle in the sky, they remain unaware of the battle between good and evil raging on a faraway mountaintop. The outcome of this battle will determine the future of our reality... and perhaps the entire universe.

From Review by Adrienne LaCava: “Each book tells its own story, each plot is a phase in the escalating, bigger story. Complex, moral questions arise. Ancient crimes are exposed. And tension hurtles you toward a battle literally for the soul of humankind. If you like Dan Brown, you’ll like the Eloah books.”

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The Team

Lex Allen – Author
Becky Stephens – Editor
D. Robert Pease – Cover Artist
Mark Rossman – Audiobook Producer/Narrator

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Series: Eloah, Book 1.3
Genres: 3.99 eBooks, Religious, Science Fiction, Speculative, Thriller / Suspense
Tags: Audiobook, eBook, KindleUnlimited
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook, Audiobook
Length: 64,401 Words
Narrator: Mark Rossman
ISBN: 1622531728
List Price: $3.99 eBook Only (Or Included in Ominbus Edition Paperback)
Audiobook Price: $19.95 (May Be Discounted By Retailers)