Eloah: No Heaven

Could the arrival of Eloah, an Elohim teacher, prove the quantum physics “multiverse” theory? Can he stop a nuclear war that would destroy Earth and every parallel universe attached to the planet?

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Best Thriller
WINNER: Readers' Favorite Book Award - Silver Medal: Young Adult Fiction - Religious Theme

From Review by Bestselling Author Seeley James: “The story is imaginative and interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome. He does a better job than Dan Brown.”

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From Review by Amazon Bestselling Author Ken Stark: “Part sci-fi, part political thriller, and part quantum physics 101, the entire ‘Eloah’ series is genre-warping done right. Lex Allen has clearly done his homework, and he manages to weave biblical history, alien intervention, and the multiverse theory into a first-rate action/adventure with seamless efficiency. It’s a fun read, full of action and intrigue, clever dialogue, and a great cast of characters, including a wonderfully evil villain with all of Eloah’s powers and no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”

Jack Schmidt, a retired Special Forces Command Sergeant Major, is an internationally successful blogger and hardcore atheist. Eloah, back to our reality to stop the potential nuclear annihilation of our reality and theirs, throws his world into a nosedive. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Washburn (his mate over many past lives) he comes to believe in a life beyond.

Indeed, the revelation Eloah brings to Earth will send shock waves throughout the world.

From Review by Reading Glass Reviews: “Bottom line: The writing is excellent, the execution is excellent, the plotting is paced well and the characters are believable and relatable. Kudos to the author for producing a work of fiction that’s, at once, intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun to read.”

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About the Book

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Evolved Publishing presents the first thrilling and intriguing installment in the “Eloah” series of conspiracy thrillers. Fans of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” are sure to love this one.

The ebook contains a Special Sneak Preview of Book 2 of the series, Eloah: No Hell.

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(You can sample the audio book here, via link right under the cover.)
(You can sample the audio book here, via link right under the cover.)


The Team

Lex Allen – Author
Becky Stephens – Editor
D. Robert Pease – Cover Artist
Mark Rossman – Audiobook Producer/Narrator

"Mr. Allen's ability to weave fiction with historical events while building this story just plain worked. "Eloah: No Heaven" is an engrossing read, and will give the reader much to ponder."
""Eloah: No Heaven," while revolving around the apparent 'second coming of Christ,' is many things, but one thing it isn't is 'Christian Fiction.' Reasonably open-minded fans of that genre may enjoy this book, but those who explicitly avoid it will too."
Series: Eloah, Book 1.1
Genres: 5.99 eBooks, Science Fiction, Speculative, Thriller / Suspense
Tags: Audiobook, eBook, EP Direct, On Sale
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook, Audiobook
Length: 59,148 Words
Narrator: Mark Rossman
ISBN: 1622531701
List Price: $5.99 eBook Only (Or Included in Ominbus Edition Paperback)
Audiobook Price: $19.95 (May Be Discounted By Retailers)
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