Behind the Open Walls
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Genres: 4.99 eBooks, Historical, Literary, Women's
Tag: eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook
Length: 96,824 Words
ISBN: 9781622531660

This feud between two families has spanned two continents, and its tentacles reach back to World War II.

About the Book


Leaving the comfort and expectations of home, Amanda Smith travels to Pécs, Hungary to research her grandpapa’s past. She quickly embraces the beauty and history of the walled city, wishing for an alternate life where her grandpapa had never left in the first place. Her sense of homecoming increases when she meets Luca, a Romani dancer whose moves could melt her clothes off, and she yearns to get to know him more when she observes him caring for his dying sister. After a short summer fling, she agrees to an odd marriage proposal.

Her grandpapa’s brother visits right before the wedding, exposing the real reason his brother fled Hungary for America. Secrets open old wounds, revealing a connection with Luca’s clan. Following the revelation, the Romani family, including her fiancé, rejects Amanda because of clan loyalties. Now she questions everything she knew about her beloved grandpapa and searches for a way to repair wounds she didn’t intend to open.

The Team

Lanette Kauten – Author
Whitney Smyth – Editor
Peter Hollinghurst – Cover Artist

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