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Kevin Killiany


I was raised in the heart of Florida in the 1950s and ’60s, growing up in a pink cinderblock house in a community hemmed by orange groves against the edge of a swamp and the shore of a lake. I didn’t read anything not assigned by a teacher until the summer of 1967, when an injury—the outcome of an idea that looked good at the time—laid me up for several weeks. In an effort to keep me sane my mother brought me armloads of books from the library, which I used to build forts… until the red-and-yellow cover of Have Space Suit, Will Travel lured me into looking inside. To my surprise, I read it—twice—and was hooked. In later years, I read and loved mysteries, fantasies, and historicals, but my reader’s heart first imprinted on YA science fiction.

I left Florida for California in 1973, and wandered a bit before settling on North Carolina’s coast. Along the way I became a husband, a father (three times), and in 2013 a grandfather. I’ve had a half-dozen careers in those forty years, working in education or mental health. These days, when I’m not writing I’m teaching English at a community college.

Oh, did I not mention writing? I began in 1967, right after I started reading, and—if you overlook thousands of rejections and thirty-three years of practice—was an immediate success. Since my first sale in 2000 I’ve sold three novels, a half-dozen novellas, and thirty-one short stories. I’ve also co-written or co-edited nineteen role-players’ resource and rule books.

My writing is fueled by two questions: “What happened?” and “What if?” The first motivates my exploration of lesser-known history, and the second drives my speculations about how our world would be changed if we had chosen differently. From those two streams my stories flow.


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Watch for For the Stars, the fourth book in the Dirt and Stars series, to come in the not-too-distant future.

Details coming soon….


Kara S Tyler


Kara S Tyler is the real world name of the author writing as both Pavarti K. Tyler and P.K. Tyler. Under those pen names, her books have spanned genres and won many awards, but they are geared toward an adult audience. Now that she’s writing children’s books, Kara has decided to use her real name.

The Adventures of Ninja and Bunny first came about because of a fabulous conversation overheard between Kara’s two children during a very long car ride. The two young girls spent over two hours debating various aspects of Fae politics and social structure. Without realizing it, the girls were building a world so real, Ray Bradbury would be proud.

Kara lives in Baltimore with her husband, two children, and two terrible dogs. She is a full-time author and mother.


Kara S Tyler

P.K. Tyler

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Pavarti also writes children’s books as Kara S Tyler.

P.K. Tyler is the bestselling author of speculative fiction and other genre-bending novels. She is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre.

After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway. When not writing Speculative Fiction she twists her mind by writing horror and literary fiction.


C.J. Ballintyne

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C.J. Ballintyne grew up on a steady diet of adult epic fantasy from the age of nine, resulting in a rather confused outlook on life – believing the good guys should always win, but knowing they often don’t. C.J. is an oxymoron; an idealistic cynic.

C.J.’s attempts at the craft of writing began in 1992, culminating in the publication of Confronting the Demon, the first book in “The Seven Circles of Hell” series, in 2013. In the Company of the Dead is C.J’s first book published by Evolved Publishing, and the first book in “The Sundered Oath” series.

For fun, C.J. speculates about taking over the world – how hard can it really be? If C.J. could be anything, it would be a dragon, but to be honest, C.J. shares more in common with Dr. Gregory House of House M.D. – both the good and the bad. C.J. is a browncoat, a saltgunner, a Whedonite, a Sherlockian, a Ringer and a Whovian… OK, most major geek fandoms. C.J. holds degrees in law and accounting and is a practising financial services lawyer.

C.J. lives in Sydney, Australia, with two daughters and a growing menagerie of animals that includes two horses but unfortunately no dragons.



Watch for TO PLAY DEATH’S HAND, the fourth book in C.J. Ballintynes’s dark epic fantasy series, “The Sundered Oath,” to come in 2023.

Details coming soon….

Mirna Pache


I´m from northwest of the state of São Paulo, in Brazil. I lived there until I turned nineteen, after finishing high school at the Instituto Americano de Lins. At that point I moved to São Paulo, the capital, and started working with different humanitarian projects as a volunteer with an international NGO.

I have worked and lived in several states in Brazil; I worked for many years in Rio de Janeiro translating texts and newsletters for the NGO I was working with. Then I moved to Lima, Peru for three years. Following my Peru years, I visited the United States for three months, and after that I lived in Porto (Portugal) for three years, as a manager in a pub.

From there I moved to Amman, Jordan, where I lived for four years (at that time I translated a magazine about the Jordan Holy sites for the Ministry of Tourism), then spent two years in Israel. Following Israel, I moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where I spent one year. Lastly, I visited Morocco and stayed there for a short time. I have had excellent tutors and coaches along my journey working in all these different countries.

In 2004 I returned to my homeland, Brazil, where I live at present. I´m an English Teacher (I use a methodology provided by Richmond from Oxford to teach my students, both British and American version) and I´m a Portuguese (Brazilian) translator. I have an International English Proficiency Certification from CLA. At present I study to take a bachelor degree at University Estácio Uniseb (Polo Ribeirão Prêto-São Paulo-Brazil). I have translated my first book from English to Portuguese (Brazilian) – a great opportunity given to me by Evolved Publishing!


Translated to Brazilian Portuguese by Mirna Pache:

The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky by David Litwack (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese)

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Watch for the first 3 books in the Bird Brain Books series of children’s picture books by Emlyn Chand (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese), coming very soon:
#1 – Honey the Hero
#2 – Davey the Detective
#3 – Poppy the Proud