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Nillu Nasser


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Nillu Nasser is a writer of literary fiction novels. She also writes short fiction and blogs.

She studied English and German Literature at Warwick University, followed by European Politics at Humboldt University, Berlin. After graduating, Nillu worked in national and regional politics, but eventually reverted to her first love: writing.

Nillu’s stories often take place in rich settings and explore the search for identity from an outsider’s perspective. Her debut novel, All the Tomorrows, was published in 2017, followed by her second novel, Hidden Colours, in 2018. A prequel short story to All the Tomorrows, ‘The Dancing Girl’ was released that same year. Her third novel, An Ocean of Masks, will be published in 2019.

First and foremost, though, Nillu is a reader. She is happiest barefoot with a book in hand. They are the first thing she unpacks when she is somewhere new.

She lives in London with her husband and three children. If you fly into Gatwick and look hard enough, you will see her furiously scribbling in her garden office, where she is working on her next story.

To find out more about Nillu and her latest books, read her blog, send her a tweet or sign up for her newsletter.


Up Next

Watch for the literary/women’s fiction, AN OCEAN OF MASKS, to release in late 2019.

Deceit is sewn into the fabric of our lives long before our first breath.

Norah is all about tough love. As headmistress of a community boarding school in Brixton, South London, her job is to put children back together after their lives have derailed. She understands their anger because the same red hot fury pulses through her own veins.

When a lack of funding threatens to close the doors to her school, Norah’s pupils act out their anguish in increasingly dangerous ways. As the fate of her pupils hangs in the balance, Norah accepts an invitation to join a mysterious society of masked women who might be able to help her. Little does she know, she’s on a collision course to meet the mother who abandoned her as a toddler.

Some traumas never heal. With her carefully controlled world in turmoil, Norah fights to save her pupils and herself. Can she be an example to her pupils, not only of grit and courage, but vulnerability? Or will her single-minded focus on saving the school be her undoing?

Michael Golvach

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Ever since I was able to read, I’ve had a book (or a comic book in the early days) in my hands or on my person. I grew up in a non-digital age, in a home with one telephone that everyone shared, one television that no one watched, and in which movies were a luxury. Aside from radio theatre, books were my best non-human friends.

My love of reading never died. When I was 8 years old, I drew my first series of comic books. They were terrible, but I still love them. To me, they represent the moment the wise-old-man inside my little boy’s head finally made me aware that I loved to create.

As it turned out, I enjoyed writing much more than I enjoyed drawing, but I’ve spent most of my life doing some form of creative work. And when not, I’ve worked some boring jobs in very creative ways.

To this day, I love to write and to share my creations with others. I’m the guy who will watch a good movie twenty more times, if it means I get to introduce it to someone else and participate in their joy of discovering something entertaining or valuable. I can’t be quite so intimately participatory with my own writing, but I do love to know that I’ve brightened someone’s day, made them think, feel or—at the very least—provided them with a welcome distraction for a while.



Watch for Book 5 in the “Payden Beck Crime Thriller” series of noir crime thrillers to release next November, and for a new installment every November until the series culminates with 12 books (current plan).

More details coming soon on Book 5….

Jessica West

The Reader….

My love of reading started early, before I can remember, but my obsession began with R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. In my teens, I graduated to Clive Barker, to my mom’s dismay. One year, a copy of his Books of Blood was all I wanted for Christmas. Though my mom may not have agreed with my preferences, she always accepted me for who I was, and encouraged me to be that person. She saw me through my brief Anne Rice Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned phase, my Stephen King’s Dark Tower phase, and my Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth phase. (And the trilogy that shall not be named, the one with sparkly vamps. What? It was a phase!) It shouldn’t have come as any surprise that I’d write a few stories of my own someday. Speaking of which….

The Writer….

In March 2013, my youngest daughter was born. I’d worked full-time jobs while my older two children stayed with a sitter, but decided to stay home with the last one. With much more time on my hands than I’d expected, I took an online writing class, out of which a whole new world opened up for me. At the encouragement of our instructor, I started a blog and started tweeting. Within months, I’d found lots of new connections, people who were also pursuing this writing thing. Within a year or so, I’d started publishing my own short works.

Now, four years later, I’ve finally nailed down my voice and style. I love stories with paranormal elements, especially those that relate to the afterlife or alternate biblical histories, the darker the better. I also have a soft spot for romance, thanks to Grandma.

The Editor….

In 2014, I eased into editing. A critique group made its way onto my priority list. If a writer buddy needed a beta read, I jumped at the chance to apply a critical eye as well as positive reinforcement to the task. With every project I worked on, whether writing or offering constructive criticism, I aimed to improve my craft as I helped my fellow author. Becoming an editor wasn’t my goal, but as I learned more about the mechanics of writing, a natural evolution occurred. My editing skills grew at a much more rapid pace than my writing skills did.

Since 2014, I’ve edited countless anthologies, novels, and independent short works from various authors. I wish I had counted. That number would be pretty handy right about now. My primary focus is on speculative fiction, but I’m also interested in women’s fiction and romance.

Edited or Co-Edited by Jessica West:

All the Tomorrows
Nillu Nasser

Hidden Colours
Nillu Nasser

The Dancing Girl
Nillu Nasser

Carmen Kemp

Whispers in the Shadows
Jason LaVelle

The Cold Room
Jason LaVelle

The Dark of Night
Jason LaVelle

Emily Gerren

I love sharing stories with the world. On any given day, that might mean editing a brilliant manuscript, writing my own books, or shamelessly throwing my favorite published novels in a friend’s general direction.

My editing career kicked off with an internship at a literary agency, where my favorite projects always involved realizing the full potential of client manuscripts. I specialize in young adult of all flavors, fantasy, and science fiction.

When not editing, I enjoy sewing, photography, ice skating, and hanging out with a very noisy cockatiel.

Briana Hertzog

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Briana Hertzog graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. She draws most of her inspiration from the natural world around her but loves the freedom she has as an artist and storyteller to mold it and manipulate it into any direction she pleases.

She has a strong love for problem solving and views each image she creates as a visual metaphor for depicting its accompanying text in the best way possible. She sees each illustration as a personal challenge and a means of improvement, learning and growth.

Book Covers by Briana Hertzog:

Blood or Loyalty
Adam Miller

The Colonel and the Bee
Patrick Canning

Confessions of Eden
Scott Shinberg

Directive One
Scott Shinberg

Fly by Night
Scott Shinberg

Sargon the Third
Scott Shinberg