I was born in Ischia, a volcanic island near Napoli, widely known nowadays due to its thermal parks. This is why I, once done with high school, and inspired by the eruptions and vapors, went on to college to study geology, specializing in volcanology.

After getting my degree I went to Madrid, Spain, and joined the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas [CSIC]), to do research on the Canary Islands volcanoes. At the end of my 6-month scholarship, I traveled to Mali with a nonprofit organization. I was supposed to work there for 2 years installing wind pumps in the desert, but 2 months later I was back in Madrid, with Lucía. I got a scholarship at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid for an International Master’s in Geographic Information Systems. During this time my knowledge of volcanoes grew; I taught in college and various higher education centers, and wrote several articles for Spanish and international magazines.

Around the same time I started teaching Italian and translating – the latter has become my main occupation these days. At first it was video games and computer manuals, but I’ve done a little bit of everything. With Lucía, my long-time partner, we’ve written an Italian Conversation Guide (Guía de Conversación – Italiano [ISBN: 84-670-1677-9]), an Italian > Spanish dictionary, and – something very special to me – a Napoli travel guide (Guía de Viaje del Golfo de Nápoles). Just recently I’ve published two books dedicated to Ischia: Il vulcano Ischia. Miti, storia, scienza and Passeggiate Ischitane. Among the translations I’ve enjoyed doing the most is the Museo del Prado Guide: Guía del Museo del Prado (art is one of my passions! [ISBN 978-84-8480-145-0]) and more recently, the great books by Axel Howerton and Lane Diamond.


Translated to Italian by Massimo Mattera:


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