I was born in Gijón (Asturias) in the North of Spain, so no flamenco or olé for me! I traveled extensively with my family as a child. The kitchen was the heart of the home at my father’s as well as my mother’s houses… all this contributed to develop my two great passions: gastronomy and travel.

As a teenager I took English classes in England and Ireland during the summers. This, along with having taken various courses in my childhood and a great affinity for music with English lyrics (I used to translate songs by The Doors, Terence Trent D’arby, Leonard Cohen, etc.), allowed me to reasonably master this language. At the age of 16, in seeing that I loved literature and languages (plus I really wanted to leave my hometown), I decided it would be a good idea to register for Slavic studies at the UCM – so I started studying Russian in Gijón. At 18 I moved to Madrid as planned, and during my studies I had the chance to publish some of my translations of Bulgarian poetry and Russian literature essays.

In 1998, after years of college, extracurricular courses, and enjoyment of the leisure artsy culture of Madrid, I got my degree. By then I was already with my partner Massimo, so I started learning Italian and a little bit of Neapolitan! Meanwhile I held several odd jobs, while waiting for my chance to get translation work… which I finally got at the end of that year, a project from Italian into Spanish.

Since then I’ve collaborated with various Spanish and foreign organizations, so I can earn a living working from home, doing what I love, and enjoying my partner and my precious family of cats. I translate from English and Italian into Spanish, and my specialties are technical, legal, and food translations – like Benedetta Parodi’s cookbook, Cocina italiana per tutti. I am also a co-author, with Massimo Mattera, of a travel guide (El Golfo de Nápoles), an Italian conversation guide (Guía de conversación de italiano), and an Italian > Spanish dictionary (Diccionario IT>ES).

In September 2013 I started collaborating with our local newspaper, Somos Malasaña, where I write a food blog (Malasaña a mordiscos) featuring a different neighborhood restaurant every other week. At the same time I also started my collaboration with Evolved Publishing, translating into Spanish the entertaining book Tras la pista de Sinatra (Hot Sinatra), by Axel Howerton.

Translations, food, travel, animals… that’s my life!


Translated to Spanish by Lucía Vigón Menéndez:

Tras la Pista de Sinatra