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After my stick figure comic series “The Adventures of The Unstoppable” failed to garner any fans, I accepted that drawing would never be my superpower. I also accepted that I was not, after all, The Unstoppable. Twelve-year-old me never forgot the thrill of adventure, however, and the mystery of heroes, powers, and a bad guy who maybe is only bad because he feels stuck. Or maybe he’s just bad, and that’s interesting, too.

My writing has taken me around the worlds of my brain, and also around a lot of restaurants. After years of being the pickiest eater in the south, I somehow got a stint as a city blogger and food columnist, which taught me that people are too obsessed with queso and not excited enough about chicken noodle soup. I’ve since said goodbye to journalistic writing and hello to creative writing, which, after all, is what I’ve always done.

I currently live in Florida, where I complain about the humidity but never make any plans to move. My husband and I have two cats (only two), who are excellent sounding boards for ideas.


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Up Next

Watch for The Trace, the first book in the YA Sci-Fi series “Whitewashed,” to come in the spring of 2017.

Nobody’s secrets are safe.

At first, it was the voices outside her window. “She is one of them….”

Second came the hallucinations: an unfamiliar symbol, floating on the precipice of her thoughts. And the letters: “E-N” dance around in her head, more annoying than unsettling.

Third came the abilities: speed, dexterity, insane reflexes. All her life she’d been clumsy, but no more.

Fourth came the Academy: covert government operation, physically advanced soldiers raised apart from society for a single purpose, telekinesis, telepathic hive-minded clones.

Last came the Grifters, but they weren’t really last–they’d been there since the very beginning of 18-year-old Ella Keppler’s life.

It isn’t unusual that Grifters are stalking Ella. What’s unusual is how clever these creatures are becoming. The Academy won’t admit it… until a completely innocent, perfectly normal civilian–Ella’s best friend–is kidnapped by the supposedly unintelligent Grifters.