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It’s Launch Week at Evolved Publishing – 3 New Books for July 2014


3 New Books for Your Enjoyment!

Yep, it's one of our favorite times again, when we get to bring to you some exciting new books. This week we have 3 new offerings for you, from 3 different authors, across 3 different genres.     3D-EmlynAndTheGremlinAvailable Monday, July 21st. Find purchase links HERE. Emlyn and the Gremlin [Children's Picture Book] by Steff F. Kneff (Author) and Luke Spooner (Illustrator) "Mummy,

Illustrator Luke Spooner on “Emlyn and the Gremlin,” a New Children’s Picture Book

New Series of Children's Picture Books

Bio_Pic-Luke_SpoonerLuke Spooner recently dropped by at Soapbox Press to discuss the soon-to-be-released Emlyn and the Gremlin, the first installment in a new series of children's picture books illustrated by Luke and written by author Steff F. Kneff. He offers some interesting insights into the book, his creative process, and more. Please stop by and check out the Soapbox Press article. While you're at it, go ahead and grab your copy of Emlyn and the Gremlin today (purchase links below). It doesn't

Lower Grade Audiobooks for Kids 7-11 – A Fantastic Bargain

Audiobooks from as Low as $3.46? Wow!

Weirdville_SlideShow_EPwebsite   Each of the 3 books above, from the Weirdville series of spooky adventures for kids 7-11 years old, by author Majanka Verstraete, are available as audiobooks narrated by Miriam K. Blum. These fun stories are spooky, sure, but in a fun-not-too-scary kind of way the kids are sure to love. So if you're finding it difficult to get your kids to read as much as you'd like, how about giving them a book to LISTEN TO while in the car, or

Author D. Robert Pease Discusses the Making of Epic Fantasy “Shadow Swarm”

This new epic fantasy is off to a great start!

  GUEST POST Bio_Pic-DRobertPease_v2_300dpi_760x790Author D. Robert Pease has dropped by to talk a little bit about his writing of Shadow Swarm, the new epic fantasy that is off to a roaring start. Early readers are loving it and spreading the word, and we wanted to do the same. As part of this, D. Robert Pease is hosting a raffle on Facebook (linked below), so be sure to check that out. And now, we'll let

The Critically-Acclaimed “Carry Me Away” – In the Spotlight and On Sale!

No 2nd-Book-Blues Here

3D-CarryMeAwayThe Book of the Day today at eReader News Today is Carry Me Away, by Robb Grindstaff. We're particularly pleased about this because we think this is an extraordinary book that too few people have yet discovered. A reviewer at Amazon, "Marked by Books," said it as well as we ever could: "Best Book of the Year" This review had to be shortened to fit within Amazon's maximum word count. For the full review and more, please visit

In the Spotlight at Evolved Publishing: Megan Harris, Editor

Getting Our Books to the Quality Level We Demand

As a publisher, we pride ourselves on the quality of the books we publish, a subject we discuss often (as recently as yesterday), because it's so important. We also take great pride in the quality of the team we’ve assembled. Every great team starts with the people—quality people produce quality work—and editor Megan Harris has been an integral and valued part of our team for a couple of years. Bio_Pic-Megan_HarrisEvery book is approached from multiple perspectives before we publish it—great story revised and polished by